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Liaoning Xintai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. in 2016 4 menstrual Market Administration officially changed its name to Liaoning Shen Tong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. locates in mountain district of the eastern Liaoning province, in the Changbai mountain,which is the home town of the full race and Qing dynasty in the auton omy county of Xinbin Full race. Our company indk swith the capital Shenyang in Liaoning province about 170 kilometers,Fushun City about 130 kilometers, Tonghua City 101 kilometers, with very convenient traffic system to get to our place.It has good ecosystem environment with abundant nature resources, which is primarily the area of the tunnel medicine material produces,and the pure and exhistory travels the Holy Land.
We have got the document of the food drugs direct manages the bureau "Liao medicine control(2003.NO80) in 2003, which was making sure to build in the mountain of eastern Liaoning province and Organizing developments produces the ability amount to 1500 ton, matching "GMP".Be engaged in exclusively the Chinese herbal medicine drink a slice of, the valid composition in material in Chinese herbal medicine withdraws valid single with the production business enterprise of the organism food,and We are planning to pass the National attestation of GMP in September of 2005.The company has strong technique power,the excellent equipments, having to withdraw the equipments advancedly, the decompression concentrating,the vacuum drying( the) ,the low temperature freezing, alcohol conentrating, with withdraw to match each other a set the resin synthesizes to wait the equipments,owning efficiently liqui dmutuslly color instrument,spirit mutually color instrument, can control the wave-length the purple and outside cent advanced examination in ( etc.In) light photometer equipments instrument with experiment the facilities,management that normturn,the sound quantity guarantees the system,and guaranteeing the quantity of the product the stability.The current company can produce to withdraw several ten kinds of products, main products Ginseng General General Ginsennosides P.E.、Ginsenoside、Ginseng Amylose P.E.、Amrican Roots Ginseng P.E.、 Epimedium P.E. with flavones、Siberian Ginseng P.E.、 total flavones of leaves of Crataegus pinnatifide bge and so on ,and then edible germ,countryside vegetables, Chinese wood frog etc.resources proceed the organism food is deep to process.
Aim that be in the light of the "quantity the first", the business enterprise established the cooperative relation with high etc. in much more local house college with the section organization successively, guaranteeing the high standard of the product quantity. The company was named after the " the province spark technology industry group leader business enterprise of Liaoning" by the province of Liaoning;Were named afrer the "the excellent business enterprise in country of the Chinese special product" by the national special product association;Fushun city hall has named us "creative demonstration in technology business enterprise","Fushun city the municipal agriculture industry turns the point group leader business enterprise";And obtained the square circle organism food attestation,Certificate number:the certificate NO. Of Countryside vegetables, germ mushroom is 1220401F036R1L,the certificate NO.of Chinese wood frog is 1220401F037R1L;"the valid composition in material in Chinese herbal medicine withdraws and deep processing technology development" is been included in "national class spark plan"item, item serial number:2002EA650006s,among them"Epimedium P.E."is " Fushun City famous brand product", the company was been a director unit by thenational Chinese herbal medicine association.
The branch of our company Fushun XinTai the company cent of fine chemical engineering producing adsorbing the resin serise,and the product suffers the good opinion of local and numerous business enterprises.
Our company with good quality ,reasonable price,provide goods even, high quality service,guarantee the need supply of the domestic and international customers.
XinTai Company is your ideal choice, we will come to talk over with the welcome large customers in tremendous enthusiasm business.
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