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Liaoning Xintai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. in 2016 4 menstrual Market Administration officially changed its name to Liaoning Shen Tong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. locates in mountain district of the eastern Liaoning province, in the Changbai mountain,which is the home town of the full race and Qing dynasty in the auton omy county of Xinbin Full race. Our company indk swith the capital Shenyang in Liaoning province about 170 kilometers,Fushun City about 130 kilometers, Tonghua City 101 kilometers, with very convenient traffic system to get to our place.It has good ecosystem environment with abundant nature resources...
The big bore adsorbs the resin is a kind of stereoscopic construction in many bores artificial that have the polymer adsorbent to synthesize, developing in ion exchanger attaching with the other a new resin that an applied foundation, an enormous ratio for of virtuous the gravitation of Fan Dehua...
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