Address; Qianjin street,Xinbin Manzhu Autonomous Country(town),Liaoning Provine
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  Liaoning Mi Shen Tang Pharmaceutical Co.,is a (the) house regard high technology as to rely on,the industry change into the business enterprise of the target. The company locates in grow Changbai Muntain and near Longgang Mountain,with north China the plant area connects with each other,whole county thing parts of air temperatures annual variation 2.2 ℃,for multiply greatly the really fine term in creation vegetatively.
Plant raw material because of place and collecting time different, its quality contain very big difference, then afference, then affecting the end quality of withdrawing the products article the technique index sign.The company had been making a point of the sieving of the medicine source with time that pick,toing withdraw the natural pure and unadulterated, the stable plant in quality withdraws the thing,the current company relies on to borrow the good ecosystem environment,abundant nature resources for development advantage that the offering of our company enrich,establish own good Ginseng, Epimedium, schisandra, Dragon grass,Ground dragon grass,Ground dragon bone, Aralia elata ,etc."GAP" medicine material base in the whole county.

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